Cell Biology

Energy and Metabolism (Part 1)

Energy and Metabolism (Part 2)

Classical Genetics

Molecular Genetics (Basic)

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Immunology and Homeostasis

Chemical and Neural Signaling

Animal Reproduction and Development

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Biochemistry (Chapters 2-5)

This unit covers the basic chemistry of life, hence the name, biochemistry. It includes a brief review of chemistry, and a look at the chemistry of water, the most important solvent for life. The chemistry of carbon, the basis of all organic molecules, is examined. An overview of the four major categories of macromolecules is explored: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids.


Why Study Biochemistry? (print) (audio 13:19)

Chapter 4: Organic Chemistry Overview (print) (audio 13:58)

Chapter 5: Carbohydrates (print) (audio 39:00)

Chapter 5: Lipids (print) (audio 19:16)

Chapter 5: Proteins (print) (audio 39:35)

Chapter 5: Nucleic Acids (print) (audio 19:10)

Glucose, Glucose (lyrics)

Building a Histidine (lyrics)

A Million Proteins (lyrics)



Free Response Questions

Study Buddy Assignment (pdf)


Amino Acid Protein Activity 1

Digital Story Project Instructions

Amino Acid Protein Activity 2

Biostatistics Handbook

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Quiz Hints Chapter 2 & 3

Quiz Hints Chapter 4

Quiz Hints Chapter 5: Carbohydrates

Quiz Hints Chapter 5: Lipids

Quiz Hints Chapter 5: Proteins

Quiz Hints Chapter 5: Nucleic Acids

Chapters 2-5 Test Hints

Web Resources

Biomolecules Tutorial (Table of Contents)

Polarity of Water (video 3:52)

Herbal Supplements are Not What You Think

Humans Beat Computers at Protein Folding Competition

Protein Database

Crash Course: Biological Molecules- You Are What You Eat: Biology

Eating for Health, Not Weight

Amino Acids in 3-D

Three Amino Acid Protein in 3-D

Protein Folding Animation (Shows how hydrophobic and hydrophilic side groups help determine protein structure. Click on gray arrow.)

Protein Folding Animation (Slow motion representation of protein folding)

Four Levels of Protein Structure (Click through using red arrow)

Four Levels of Protein Structure Lesson ( Select "Folding Illustration" on right side and click through the lesson)