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Plant Biology
(Chapters 10, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39)

Plants, one of the five kingdoms of living organisms, are a significant contributor to the base of the food chain. The process by which these autotrophs capture energy from the sun and convert it into a chemical form, photosynthesis, is one of the most important metabolic processes upon which all life depends. After examining this important process the basics of plant anatomy and physiology are explored.


New Photosynthesis Lecture 1 (29:52)
Old Photosynthesis Lecture 1 Keynote
Old PS 1 Lecture Print version (audio 30:15)
(Note: If you use the old lecture to study from be aware that chemiosmosis is not covered in the old lectures so please make sure you learn it well from the new lecture- it begins at 17:40)

Photosynthesis Lecture 2 (print) (audio 14:11)

Photosynthesis Lecture 3: C3 and C4 Pants (print) (audio 22:02)

Photosynthesis Review (Taylor Swift song parody 3:43)

Plant Biology Lecture 1 (print) (audio 28:58)

Plants Are Amazing: An Introduction to Plant Biology (Original Song By Matt Holm)

Plant Biology Lecture 2 (print) (audio 17:50)

Chapter 39: Photoperiodism (print) (audio 22:40)


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Chapter 10 Quiz #1

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Chapter 10 Quiz #2

Chapter 10 Quiz #2 (key)

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