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Animal Reproduction and Development
(Chapters 46 & 47)

This unit covers the basics of animal reproduction and development with an emphasis on humans. The beginning of the journey is in the ovaries and testes where meiosis reduces the chromosome number by half. With fertilization these two sets of chromosomes are joined and begin a process of development which will eventually result in a birth.


Human Male Reproductive System (print) (audio 29:22)

Pictures from Male Reproduction Lecture (spermatogenesis 1 and spermatogenesis 2)

Human Female Reproductive System (Part 1) (print) (audio 29:57)

Human Female Reproductive System (Part 2) (print) (audio 20:06)

Animal Development (Part 1) (print) (audio 16:13)

Animal Development (Part 2) (print) (audio 30:27)

Animal Development (Part 3) (print) (audio 39:14)

"Gametophilia: A Love Song From A Sperm To An Oocyte"


Free Response Questions

Beloved Pets Everlasting? (Jan. 1, 2009, NY Times)



Test Prep

Male Reproductive System Quiz Hints

Female Reproductive System Quiz Hints 1

Female Reproductive System Quiz Hints 2

Animal Development Quiz Hints 1

Test Hints

Web Resources

BioArts International (Pet Cloning)

Gastrulation Movies

Simbryo (It only works with an older version of Internet Explorer- very cool animation)

From Conception to Birth (Anatomical Travelogue)

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