What Has Chemistry to do with Biology?

Sigmund Freud's Fall from Grace

The Rise and Fall of Freudianism

John Cade Changes the World

A pie chart of the marketshare of popular antidepressants.

Unknown source

Freudianism vs. Biochemistry

How to Think of Freudianism: A Fitting Analogy

The Triumph of Biochemistry

Conceptual Biochemistry: How the Synapse Functions

A representation of how the synapse functions, with neurotransmitters moving between transmitting and receiving cells.

Figure 2.16, page 33, Campbell's Biology, 5th Edition

Structural Biochemistry: Importance of Molecular Shape

Shows how morphine functions in the synapse. Shows the similarity in chemical structure among morphine and an endorphin.

Unknown source; Figure 2.17, page 33, Campbell's Biology, 5th Edition