Cell Biology

Energy and Metabolism (Part 1)

Energy and Metabolism (Part 2)

Classical Genetics

Molecular Genetics (Basic)

Molecular Genetics (Advanced)

Immunology and Homeostasis

Chemical and Neural Signaling

Animal Reproduction and Development

Plant Biology



Evolution (Chapters 22-25)

It has been said, "Nothing makes sense in biology except in the light of evolution". With this in mind we begin our exploration of biology with a broad look at the process which provides a conceptual framework for the study of life, evolution. We examine the evidence for evolution and explore the history of ideas from the early musings of Lamarck, through the revolutionary insights of Darwin, to the current controversy in sociobiology and evolutionary psychology. Finally, we will consider the relationship between science and religion, exploring how these two important ways of knowing the world might show mutual respect for one another.


Darwin's Road to Discovery (print) (audio 28:02)

Mr. Hammack Visits Charles Darwin's Home - Down House

Mr. Hammack's Encounter with Charles Darwin at Cambridge University

Mr. Hammack and Stephen Jay Gould - The Value of College Pranks

Chapter 22 Lecture - The Evolution of Evolution (print) (audio 10:47)

Chapter 23: Lecture 1-The Modern Synthesis (print) (audio 11:35)

Chapter 23: Lecture 2- Genetics Primer (print) (audio 16:42)

Chapter 23: Lecture 3- Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium (print) (audio 5:42)

Chapter 23: Lecture 4- Five Conditions of Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium (print) (audio 18:00)

Chapter 23: Lecture 5- Natural Selection: The Mechanism of Evolution (print) (audio 18:00)

Chapter 24 Lecture: Origin of Species (print) (audio 18:00)

Chapter 25 Lecture: Tracing Phylogeny (print) (audio 15:07)

Island Biogeography (David Hembry Lecture)


Evolutionary Trees: A Primer

How to Get the CD to Work on Your Computer- version 1.0

How to Get the CD to Work on Your Computer
-version 2.0 (pdf)

Free Response Questions

Population Genetics and Evolution (Online Learning Simulation)

Hardy-Weinberg Tutorial (Genetics: A Conceptual Approach By B. Pierce)

Hardy-Weinberg Practice Problem (with solution)

Hardy-Weinberg Website Practice Problems

Song of the Dodo Reading Questions

Earth Evolution Poster: The Intersection of Geology and Biology (downloadable version)


Hardy Weinberg Lab Background Information

Hardy Weinberg Lab Write-Up

Hardy Weinberg Lab Expectations

Hardy Weinberg Lab (Period 1 Data)

Hardy Weinberg Lab (Period 3 Data)

Hardy Weinberg Lab (Period 5 Data)

Test Prep

Chapters 22/23 Quiz Hints

Chapters 23/24 Quiz Hints

Test Hints

Test Prep PowerPoint

Evolution Review Quiz

Evolution Review Quiz (Key)

Web Resources

Here is Today (a website that explores deep time)

Phylogenetics and Cladistics

Changing Planet: Past, Present, Future

Evolution of Evolution

An Unlikely Driver of Evolution: Arsenic (NY Times, March 12, 2015)

Understanding Evolution (UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology)

Human Evolution Timeline (Smithsonian Institute)

Human Evolution Timeline (California Academy of Sciences)

The Ultimate Evolution Experiment

Genetic Variation and Evolution- Scitable by Nature Education

Google Maps Galapagos Island Street View (Galapagos Trek)

Evolution (WGBH Special)

Evolution Article Archive (New York Times)

Evolution: Constant Change and Common Threads (HHMI 2005 Lecture Series)

The Complete Work of Charles Darwin (Yes, absolutely everything he wrote- an amazing site!)

Human Evolution Exhibit (American Museum of Natural History, New York City)

The Missing Link (Nova)

Are Humans Still Evolving?

Charles Darwin

Human Evolution (NPR Special Series)

Oldest Rocks on Earth (Good Graphics)

What is Evolution? (Stated Clearly)

What is the Evidence for Evolution? (Stated Clearly)

What is Natural Selection? (Stated Clearly)