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Immunology and Homeostasis

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Immunology and Homeostasis

This unit covers the basics of how the body defends itself against invaders of all kinds. As you will discover, our immune system is quite robust and innovative. Homeostatic control will be studied by looking at critical systems that do this: temperature regulation system, water balance, waste disposal, and the excretory system.


Immune System 1 (print) (audio 34:13)

Immune System 2 (print) (audio 30:25)

Immune System 3 (print) (audio 25:58)

Cell Potency and the Origin of Blood Cells (audio 11:00)

Excretory System 1 (print) (audio)

Excretory System 2 (print) (audio)


Free Response Questions

Vaccine Controversy HW

Vaccines: An Unhealthy Skepticism (New York Times Video 12:25)

A Discredited Vaccine Study's Continuing Impact on Public Health (New York Times, February. 1, 2015)

Reckless Rejection of the Measles Vaccine (New York Times, February 3, 2015)

Why Revive A Deadly Virus? (New York Times, January 29, 2006) (pdf)

Junk Science Is Not A Victimless Crime (Wall Street Journal, January 11, 2011)

Organ Transplants Without the Drugs(Time Magazine, Jan. 31, 2008) (pdf)

Why Keeping Little Girls Squeaky Clean Could Make Them Sick (NPR, Feb. 2011)


Test Prep

Chapter 43 Quiz Hints #1

Chapter 43 Quiz Hints #3

Chapter 43 Test Hints

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