Cell Biology

Energy and Metabolism (Part 1)

Energy and Metabolism (Part 2)

Classical Genetics

Molecular Genetics (Basic)

Molecular Genetics (Advanced)

Immunology and Homeostasis

Chemical and Neural Signaling

Animal Reproduction and Development

Plant Biology



Chemical and Neural Signaling
Chapters 11, 45, 48, 49, 51

Life is all about communication, from the cellular to the social level. This unit explores the different ways in which communication occurs in biological systems. First, the fundamental principles behind cellular communication are explored. This is followed by a discussion of hormones and the endocrine system. The nervous system, a more complex and faster communication system follows. Finally, the behavioral manifestations of a well integrated endocrine and nervous system are examined.


Chapter 11- Sutherland Experiment

Chapter 11- Sutherland Experiment (version 2)

Chapter 11- Cell Signaling (downloadable ppt)

G-Protein Signaling Animation

Cell Signal Amplification Animation

Endocrine System 1 (print) (audio 34:40)

Endocrine System 2 (print) (audio 36:32)

Endocrine System 3
(print) (audio 8:24)

Nervous System 1 (print) (audio 18:31)

Nervous System 2 (print) (audio 18:54)

Nervous System 3 (print) (audio 22:57)

(print) (audio 26:44)

Animal Behavior (print) (audio 33:00)

The Office: Example of Pavlov's Classical Conditioning

Big Bang Theory- Sheldon Trains Penny

Lion and Oryx: Imprinting of a Prey with a Predator (YouTube Video)

Cheetah and Baboon Baby (YouTube Video)

Diabetes- A Quick Overview, Dr. David Karpf, March 13, 2007 (audio)
Genetics of Type II Diabetes

"Secrete It" (Song Parody of "Beat It")


Free Response Questions Chapters 45 & 48

Free Response Questions Chapter 11

"Pancreas" By 'Weird Al' Yankovic

Diabetic Brothers Beat Odds

Evidence That Little Touches Do Mean So Much

Brain Assignment

Genetic Defect Protects Against Cancer and Diabetes


Sheep Brain Dissection Lab

Sheep Brain Make-up Assignment
•Watch the first 30 minutes of this video and write a few paragraphs that describe what you learned (so I can tell you watched it carefully). It is very interesting! I encourage you to watch the whole 54 minutes, but only require you to watch the first 30 minutes.

Reaction Time Lab



G-Protein Signaling (basics)

G-Protein Signaling (more detail)

Cell Signal Amplification Animation

Muscle Contraction

Eye Movement

Test Prep

Endocrine System Quiz Hints 1

Endocrine System Quiz Hints 2

Nervous System Quiz Hints

Chapter 49 Test Hints

Secrete It (Song Parody of "Beat It")

Chapters 11, 45, 48 Exam Hints

Chapter 51 Test Hints

Web Resources

The Neuron (Basics)

The Endocrine System (Basics)

Physiology of the Senses

Signal Transduction

Muscle Physiology (Get Body Smart)

Nature: Murder in the Troop

The Stanford 25