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Energy & Metabolism-Part I (Chapters 6&9)

Life as we know it would not exist without energy. Energy, in the form of sunlight, drives nearly all biological processes on earth. The movement of energy within and between living organisms is the key to life. The movement of energy through biochemical pathways is known as metabolism. Metabolism is mediated through the use of enzymes which are biological catalysts. This unit examines the chemistry of enzymes. One of the most important series of metabolic pathways in all living things is fully explored- the pathways associated with cellular respiration.


Chapter 6

Metabolism (print) (audio 23:27)

Enzymes (print) (audio part 1 20:53 & audio part 2 18:45)

Chapter 9

Respiration and Glycolysis Overview (print) (audio 18:26)

Krebs Cycle (print) (audio 25:15)

Electron Transport and Oxidative Phosphorylation (print) (audio 27:04)

Fermentation (print) (audio 18:07)


Free Response Questions

"The Discovery of Enzymes" Extra Credit Reading


How To Use Logger Pro

Enzyme Lab Rubric

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Chapter 6 Quiz #1 Hints

Chapter 6 Quiz #2 Hints

Chapter 9 Quiz Hints

Chapters 6 & 9 Study Sheet

Every Breath You Take (Review of Cellular Respiration- Video)

"Every Breath You Take" (Review of Cellular Respiration- Lyrics)

Chapters 6 & 9 Test Hints

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Exploradus Website (Jim William's Company)

Oxidate It Or Love It/Electron To The Next One (Glycolysis/Kreb Cycle/Oxidative Phosphorylation Rap)


ATP Synthase Animation