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Heroes of Biological Science

Mary Claire-King

Test Review Websites

Scott Freeman: Biological Science

Biology Blogs

Pimm- Partial Immortilization


Seed Magazine

The Basics (NY TImes)

Answers to Your Scientific Questions

Mad Scientist Network

Ask a Scientist at HHMI

Hot Topics (BBC)

Biowizard (Current Biology News)

Fun Science Facts (Library of Congress)

Lectures, Workshops, and Online Video Resources

Royal Institute Lectures


City Arts and Lectures

East Bay Science Cafe

Cafe Scientifique

The Jepson Herbarium

Astronomy At Foothill College: Silicon Valley Lecture Series

Stanford Continuing Studies Special Events

Stanford Aurora Forum

California Academy of Sciences Lectures

MIT College Courses (some are in video)

MIT High School AP Biology (Video lectures)

Scientific American Frontiers (Video Archives)

Discovery Education School Resourcs

Science Research Videos

Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science

Nano*High for High School Students

Biological Animations


Lasker Awards ("America's Nobels")

Nobel Prize

Breakthrough Prize

The Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine

Shaw Prize

Paul Janseen Award for Biomedical Research

Balzan Prize

MacArthur "Genius" Awards (some biology related winners)

Keio Medical Science Prize

The Goldman Environmental Prize

The Heineken Prizes

Educational Sites

Nature Journal- Scitable online Biology Resources

Biology Tutorials

UC College Prep: Open Access AP Biology

DNA Tube Videos

Online Biology Courses at MIT

Biology Courses

Biology Animations

Explore Biology (Kim Foglia's Website)

Bio-Alive Animations

BioClips: Biology Animations

Best Multimedia Websites About the Life Sciences

Great Biology Animations

Video Lectures on Science from the Royal Academy

The Biology Place


Video Lectures from Cold Spring Harbor Labs

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Holiday Lectures

Life: The Science of Biology

Biology: The Unity and Diversity of Life (Starr and Taggart web support)

Physiology Websites

Biology Video Lessons (Excellent!)

Dr. Karl's Website (Australian Broadcasting System's version of Bill Nye the Science Guy)

Biology Animations (Great Resource!)

Boston Children's Hospital Animations

Virtual Cell Animations


DNA Learning Center Animations

Biology Zone (Kim Foglia's awesome AP Bio website!)


Biology Curriculum Material from the NIH (High School Version)

Biology Curriculum Material from the NIH (Middle School Version)

National Institutes of Health Office of Science Education

Biology Movies (worksheets)

Charlie Rose Science Series

Free Educational Resources (FREE)

Universe Scale

Bioed Online

Animations (from Wiley Publications)

Science Activities

AP Biology at Eastern


The Triple Helix

Research Sites

Biomedial Journals

PLOS Biology

Biology Books online through NCBI


Biochemistry for Schools (from the UK)

Observe and manipulate 3-D structures of the 20 amino acids

Observe and manipulate the 3-D structure of a 3 amino acid protein

Time's Man of the Year 1996: David Ho, the discoverer of Protease Inhibitors

Protein Folding and Disease

Protein Misfolding

Lipids Online

History of Chemistry


The Cell: Size and Scale

How to Use a Microscope

Inside the Cell


Medlineplus Health Information

Health Information

Hypertension Online

Medicines By Design

Calorie Restriction


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Interactive Clinical Pharmacology

Medical Mnemonics



What to Eat (video)

Top Health Sites 2007


Open University Genetics

Genetics Problems

Field Museum Mendel Exhibit

The Genographic Project

Genetics News and Links (excellent resource!)

Gene Gateway- Exploring Genes and Genetic Disorders

Bioinformatics Links

Virtual Genetics Lab

Links to Genetics Websites

Genetics Science Learning Center

DNA Interactive

DNA From the Beginning

One Stop Biomedical Research

Genetically Modified Foods

All About RNA

RNA Overview at HHMI

Exploratorium: Traits of Life

Gene Therapy (Clinical Trials)

Genome Timetable (What organisms have been and are being sequenced)

National DNA Day


Cancer Genome Atlas

RNAi (From Science Now)



The Broad Institute

Geospiza: Teaching Materials for Molecular Genetics

Evolution of Man

Rediscovering Biology:Molecular to Global Perspectives (a webstreaming video course)

Life Extension

Macaque Genome (Science 4/07)

Your Genome

Family Tree DNA

Human Genome Resources

DNA Learning Center Podcasts

Gene Annotation at the DNA Learning Center



Mario Capecchi's "knockout mice" technology which led to his Nobel Prize in 2007

Nova: Ghost in Your Genes


Center for Genetics and Society

Human Mitochondrial DNA Wheel



Articles on Human Cloning & Stem Cells

Virtual Stem Cell Lab (Boston Children's Hospital)

Cloning (Whitehead Institute)

Stem Cells (Nova ScienceNow)

California Stem Cell Report (Blog)

Cloning and Stem Cells

How Stem Cells Work

Scientific American: The First Human Clone Embryo (Exclusive)

Newshour: Interview with Michael West, scientist who produced the first human cloned embryo

Therapeutic Cloning: How it is done

Advanced Cell Technology web site: Company that produced the first human cloned embryo

Reason As Our Guide: The Stem Cell Debate

Stem Cells

Stem Cell Information

Stem Cells in the Spotlight (Genetic Science Learning Center)

California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)

DNA Education

The DNA Learning Center

Nova: Cracking the Code of Life

Race for the Double Helix

President's Council on Bioethics


The Genome News Network

New Map of the Human Genome- Searching for Haplotypes

Genomes OnLine Database (GOLD)


Understanding Evolution (UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology)

UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology Online Exhibits (Homepage)

Evolution: Constant Change and Common Threads (HHMI 2205 Holiday Lecture Series)

Evolution Coverage (New York Times)

Evolution on the Front Line: AAAS National Meeting 2/06

Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District

Evolution Textbook Online

Becoming Human

The Little People of Flores

The Genographic Project

Alfred Wallace (Co-discoverer of the Theory of Natural Selection)

Stephen Jay Gould Links

Unofficial Stephen Jay Gould Site

Leakey Foundation

Earth Impact Effects Program

Human Evolution

Human Evolution (Flash presentation from MSNBC)

The Gene That Maketh Man?

National Center for Science Education: Defending the Teaching of Evolution in the Public Schools

The Panda's Thumb

The National Academy of Sciences Resources on Evolution

Pew Charitable Trust Survey on Public Views of Origins of Life

Life Through Time (Beautiful Pictures)

The Complete Work of Charles Darwin (Yes, everything he wrote!)

The Missing Link (Nova)

Evolutionary Psychology (UCSB website)

Hunting Hominids (

Institute of Human Origins (ASU)

In Search of Human Origins (Nova Transcript)

Human Evolution Exhibit (American Museum of Natural History, New York City)

Evolution of Man

Galapagos Islands (National Geographic)

Prehistoric Life (BBC)

Evolution on the Front Line (AAAS Resources)

Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (AAAS Resources)

Nova: Origins


Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny (CARTA)

National Evolutionary Synthesis Center

Evidence: How Do We Know What We Know? A Case Study In Human Origins

Embryology and Development

National Geographic: In the Womb-Animals

National Geographic: In the Womb-Multiples


The Encyclopedia of Life
• This may become the definitive site on the internet for information on all the 1.8 million species so far identified on planet earth.


Wildlife Conservation Network

Global Biodiversity Information Facility

All Species Foundation

International Society of Cryptozoology

NatureServe: Database of over 50,000 species in the US & Canada

Cephalopods- Frequently Asked Questions

Cephalopods: All You Ever Wanted To Know

Names of Groups of Organisms

National Biological Information Infrastructure

All About Birds (Cornell University)




Do biology in your backyard (Feeder Watch- count birds)

CIPRES: Cyberinfrastructure for Phylogenetic Research

Early Classics In Biogeography, Distribution, and Diversity Studies

Animals (BBC)

WhatBird: The Ultimate Bird Guide

Zoo Fieldtrip

Bird Cam (live streaming video from bird nests)

Fish Database (Search for any fish)

Zoobank (Search for any animal)

Species 2000 (Catalogue of Life)

Discover Life- Tree of Life Interactive Website

Plant Classification Websites

Linne online

Linnaeus 2007

The Linnaean Society

The Swedish Linnaeus Society

Biodiversity (Natural History Museum, London)


MicroFauna Videos

Infectious Diseases

Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (University of Minnesota)

Pandemic Flu (U.S. Government Official Site)

Microbe World

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Animation

Bird Flu: A Virus of Our Own Hatching (online book)



Wollemi Pine: A Living Relic

Botanical Society of America


Plants: USDA

Animal Structure and Function

FDA Approves a Cardiac Defibrillator for the Home

C-reactive Protein a Better Indicator of Potential Heart Disease than Levels of Cholesterol!!

Gary Taube's Article Changes Eating Habits in New York?!

Anatomy and Physiology Website (Get Body Smart)

The Human Body (BBC)


National Institutes of Allergy and Infetious Disease

SARS Immunology Website

Unseen Life on Earth: An Introduction to Microbiology (webstreaming video series)

Developmental Biology

Human Embryology animations

Human Development (web streaming videos)


Millenium Ecosystem Assessment


Wildlife Photography

Global Invasive Species Database

Environmental Literacy Council

World Population Age Pyramids by country (fascinating data!)

Copenhagen Consensus

The Journey North (a webstreaming video series)

Environmental Science

World Resources Institute

Worldwatch Institute

Rocky Mountain Institute

Dimming the Sun (Nova)

Tackling Climate Change

Copenhagen Consensus

Global Warming Lectures

The Real Threat to Americans

Altered Oceans (Pulitzer Prizing winning series from the LA Times)

Strange Days on Planet Earth

Climate Change Resources (AAAS)

Population Pyramids

Enivronmental Science Online Course: The Habitable Planet (Annenberg Media)

BioSITE Stream Study Videos


Carnivore Conservation

More Than Monarchs

Population Clock

National Environmental Education Week


Whole Brain Atlas Brain Center

Neuroscience Lectures (Neuroscience Institute)

The Brain as a joystick

Allen Brain Atlas

Social Psychology Website

Autism Speaks

Neuroscience articles, podcasts, books, etc.

Neuroscience Resources

Brain and Behavior Center (US News and World Report)

Backwards masking website

From Neurons to Neighborhoods: The Science of Early Childhood Development (Book Online)

Happy Neuron

Brain Trainer

McGovern Institute

Picower Institute

Psychology, 4th Edition Online By Peter Gray

Steven Pinker (Harvard University)

fMRI Research at Columbia University

LeDoux Lab (New York University)

Mozart Effect

History of Brain Research

Psychology Tests

Brain Map

Science of Love

Personality Pedagogy

Neuroscience of Addiction

All The Mind (BBC Website)

Association for Psychological Science

Miligram Reenactment

Stanford Prison Experiment

Mind (BBC)

The Brain (a webstreaming video course)

Discovering Psychology (a webstreaming video course)

The World of Abnormal Psychology (a webstreaming video course)

American Psychological Association (high school materials)

American Psychological Association

Social Psychology

Psychology Resources

The Ethics of Mind-Bending Drugs (video)

Drugs for the Mind and How to Use Them (video)

Brain Stimulation and Other Technologies (video)

Uses and Abuses of the Visibile Brain (video)

Neuroimaging Poses Ethical Dilemmas (video)

Introduction to Psychology

Misunderstood Minds

Test Your Brain

Mapping Memory (National Geographic)

Sheep Brain Dissection

History and Philosophy of Psychology

Online Psychology Lab

Sharp Brains

Post It Science

History of Psychology Textbook Website

Migraine Headaches

How Your Brain Works (Lecture from Columbia University)

Jill Taylor's Stroke of Insight (TEDS Talk)

SuperMemo (Memory Enhancement Website)

Genes2Cognition (Amazing website!)

Memory Loss (NY Times)

Understanding Prejudice

Neuroscience Resources

The Science of Happiness

Animal Behavior

Animal Sounds

Animal Behaviour and Sociobiology

Animal Communication (Univ of Penn researchers)

Nature: Murder in the Troop

Animal Communication Project

Marc Hauser's Cognitive Evolution Lab

Animal Reproduction (Green Porno)

Human Health

Your Disease Risk

Other AP Biology Resources

Guilford High School AP Biology

Rice University Website Recommendations

AP Biology Website

Biology Animation Websites

Biochemistry and Genetics Animations


Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor

The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology by Ray Kurzweil


Biology Song Parodies

Sing About Science and Math

Symphony of Science

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Physics Links

Chemistry Links

Educational Research Links

AP Biology Inclass Links