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Energy and Metabolism (Part 1)

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Energy and Metabolism (Part 2)
(Chapter 40-42)

Heterotrophic organisms acquire energy and nutrients by ingesting other organisms. This "food" is then broken into smaller usable units through a process of digestion. Following digestion energy rich molecules and other essential organic molecules must be transported to every cell in the organism. This is accomplished through the use of a transport system which, in higher organisms, is a cardiovascular system. Finally, energy rich molecules can only efficiently transfer energy in the presence of oxygen, and hence, a respiratory system is required so that every cell can receive oxygen. This unit explores the digestive, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems in higher organisms, without which, the transfer of energy, and therefore all metabolic processes, could not occur.


Chapter 41 Lecture 1: Digestion Overview & Protein Digestion (print) (audio 28:10)

Chapter 41 Lecture 2: Lipid Digestion (print) (audio 12:54)

Chapter 41 Lecture 3: How To Evaluate Competing Scientific Claims
(print) (audio 8:47)

Chapter 42 Lecture 1: Circulatory System Lecture 1 (print) (audio 31:28)

Chapter 42 Lecture 2: Circulatory System Lecture 2 (print) (audio 34:41)

Chapter 42 Lecture 3: Respiratory System Lecture 3 (print) (audio 34:50)


Chapter 40 & 41 Free Response Questions

Chapter 40 Worksheet (html)

Chapter 42 Free Response Questions

Digestion Challenge (extra credit)

"What If Its All Been A Big Fat Lie?" Assignment (extra credit)

"What If Its All Been A Big Fat Lie?" Reading (pdf version)(extra credit)

Never Gonna Give You Up (song parody) (lyrics)


Diet Analysis Lab

Diet Analysis Write-up



Cardiac Cycle


Test Prep

Chapter 41 Quiz Hints #1

Chapter 41 Quiz Hints #2

Chapters 40 & 41 Review: Breakdown (lyrics) (audio)
(Be able to define the words in bold, and explain their role in digestion)

Chapters 40 & 41 Test Hints

Chapter 42 Quiz Hints #1

Chapter 42 Test Hints


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