Cell Biology

Energy and Metabolism (Part 1)

Energy and Metabolism (Part 2)

Classical Genetics

Molecular Genetics (Basic)

Molecular Genetics (Advanced)

Immunology and Homeostasis

Chemical and Neural Signaling

Animal Reproduction and Development

Plant Biology



Biodiversity (Chapters 26-34)

Biodiversity is an exploration of all living organisms on planet earth and their relationship to one another. The goal of this unit is to give a broad overview of this amazing diversity of life and show how it is all related through the evolutionary history of life. The two most popular classification schemes are examined (Three Domain System and Five Kingdom System) and the merits of each are considered


Biodiversity Lecture 1 (print) (audio 13:09)

Biodiversity Lecture 2 (print) (audio 4:22)

Biodiversity Lecture 3 (print) (audio 33:53)

Biodiversity Lecture 4 (print) (audio 7:48)

Biodiversity Lecture 5 (print) (audio 18:09)

Biodiversity Lecture 6 (print) (audio 29:30)

Biodiversity Lecture 7 (print) (audio 13:55)

Biodiversity Lecture 8 (print)
(audio 11:18)


Best Species E.O. Wilson


Test Prep

Quiz Hints #1

Quiz Hints #2

Quiz Hints #3

Biodiveristy Exam Hints (How to pronounce phyla names, mp3, 2:41)

Web Resources

The Encyclopedia of Life
• This may become the definitive site on the internet that catalogues all of the 1.8 million species that have so far been identified on earth.

Tree of Life

Open Tree of Life

Open Tree of Life (technical website)


Map of Life

African Wildlife Live Cam

Human Microbiome Stories on NPR

My Favorite Mollusc (cool video)

Complex Life

E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation

The Encyclopedia of Life (CBS Sunday Morning)

Tree of Life: What is Phylogeny?

What is Systematics?

History of LIfe

From Soup to Cells: The Origin of Life

Astrobiology and the Origins of Life

Deep Time: An Interactive Overview of the History of Life on Earth (Very Cool)

Tree of Life (Image from Science)

Classification of Living Things

Plant Kingdom Lectures (Click on "Lecture Topics" when you get to the site)

Biological Diversity: Animals

Radiation of the First Animals

Classification of Biodiversity

All in the Family (Evolutionary Relatedness of all Living Things)

"What Did T-Rex Taste Like?": An Introduction into How All Life is Related

Assembling the Tree of Life: Harnessing Life's History to Benefit Science and Society (pdf download)

Biological and Behavioral Origins of Humans

Early Classics in Biogeography, Distribution, and Diversity Studies

Discover Life- Tree of Life Interactive Website

Plant Classification Web Resources

Plants: USDA

Uracil Produced in NASA Lab