Maintaining Homeostasis

Shows the general structure of a nucleotide. Shows the general structure of an amino acid, the basic component of proteins.

Parts of figure 5.27 and an unlabeled figure, pages 78 and 68, Campbell's Biology, 5th Edition

Eliminating Nitrogenous Wastes

Shows how different groups of animals process amino groups into different nitrogen-containing molecules.

Figure 44.10, page 875, Campbell's Biology, 5th Edition

Nitrogenous Waste Creation Details

The Liver and the Kidney

Excretory System Overview

The excretory system works through a three step process:

  1. Filtration
  2. Reabsorption
  3. Secretion
A schematic view of the interaction between the different processes in the excretory system and the circulatory system.

Figure 44.14, page 879, Campbell's Biology, 5th Edition

The Mammalian Excretory System

Shows the different parts of the mammalian excretory system.

Figure 44.18(a), page 883, Campbell's Biology, 5th Edition