Chapter 43 Exam

Test Hints



The test will be based exclusively on my class notes. Know them well.


Know the basic differences between nonspecific and specific defense mechanisms.


Know how white blood cells are classified. Know the difference between phagocytes and lymphocytes. Be able to recognize the different phagocytes and lymphocytes.  This is important!


Know what antimicrobial proteins are and how they disable pathogens.


Know the process of the inflammatory response- the order that things happen and what occurs.


Know the difference between pluripotent and totipotent. Listen to lecture on Cell Potency for details.


Understand how vaccination works (Jenner’s experiment).


Know the basics of the lymphatic system. What is it, how does it work, etc. What is lymph? What are lymph nodes?


Know the differences between B cells and T cells and how they provide a specific immune response.


Know antibodies completely since this may be a free response question. Be able to draw one and label the parts. Be able to list the names of the five different kinds of antibodies. Yeah, I told you not to memorize them, I revoke that statement! Know what an antigen is and how an antibody recognizes it. Know how antibodies are used as both receptors and effectors.


Know the difference between the humoral and cell mediated immunity. Be able to explain how each works.


Understand clonal selection theory.


Know how antibodies “kill” or “disable” nasty pathogens and toxins.


Understand the concept of immunological memory.