Chapter 43 Quiz Hints 3

What does the non-specific defense mechanism do? What is the alternate name for it?

What does the specific defense mechanism do? What is the alternate name for it?

Be able to discuss the differences between the first, second, and third levels of defense and how they are related to non-specific and specific defense mechanisms.

Be able to distinguish between humoral immunity and cell-mediated immunity. Which cells are involved in each. In general how do these two systems protect us from invaders?

Be able to describe how clonal selection works. Make sure you know it is part of both humoral immunity and cell-mediated immunity, however you are only expected to describe how it works in humoral immunity as I did in my lecture (along with the accompanying awesome graphic that shows how plasma cells and memory cells are made through clonal selection).
What lymphocytes are involved in humoral immunity?

Be able to describe several different ways antibodies work as effectors to get rid of bad and nasty things that might harm us.

Be able to describe the phenomenon of immunological memory. If given the graphs, be able to explain what they mean.

Be able to describe how cell-mediated immunity works in its basic details. The key thing to focus on is how it is similar to but different from humoral immunity.

Be able to explain the different types of T cells and what their function is.

What is the MHC?