The Vaccine Controversy

Watch the NY Times Video, "Vaccines: An Unhealthy Skepticism," and read the NY Times articles, "A Discredited Vaccine Study's Continuing Impact on Public Health," and "Reckless Rejection of the Measles Vaccine."

Now I would like you to comment on what you have watched and read. Write a one page response to this. Please address these prompts:
1. Where do you come down on this controversy and why?
2. Should there be a controversy regarding the use of vaccines, i.e. is this even a debatable subject? Explain your reasoning.
3. What would you do, as a citizen, in response to this emerging crisis if you had a newborn child? Please explain why you would respond this way.
4. Should the government intervene? If so, how should they intervene and why?


Additional reading for super interested students (not required).
I find these articles a nice addition to the material above which is why I am including them here in case you are really, really interested and want to know more:

Herd Immunity and Measles

5 Things to Know about Measles

Measles: The Facts (from the World Health Organization)

Measles vs. Ebola- which is more contagious?

Cool Infographic of infectious disease infectivity vs. pathogenicity