The Problem: Not Enough ATP!

“The Bridge”

A picture of “the bridge,” which bridges the two metabolic pathways of glycolysis and the Krebs cycle.

Figure 9.10, page 156, Campbell's Biology, 5th Edition

Krebs Cycle in Perpsective

Shows the Krebs cycle in perspective, as one part of the overall process of cellular respiration.

Figure 9.6, page 152, Campbell's Biology, 5th Edition


Shows the entire process of the Krebs cycle, in a circular form illustrating its cyclic nature.

Via Mr. Hammack's mad drawing skills

Energy at the End of the Krebs Cycle

One molecule of glucose is converted into the following by the end of the Krebs cycle:

From glycolysis From the bridge From the Krebs cycle Total
ATP 2 0 2 4
NADH 2 2 6 10
FADH2 0 0 2 2

There Still is a Problem…

Where the Processes Occur

A diagram of the various parts of a mitochondrion and the cell where processes of cellular respiration occur.

Via Mr. Hammack's mad drawing skills