Chapter 6 & 9 Test Hints

I recommend reading the Cliffs AP Biology Book. Be sure to read the end of the chemistry chapter since that is where it discusses enzymes. Read the entire chapter on respiration. Be sure to do the quizzes in the Cliffs book.

The CD ROM does a nice job of animating and explaining the process of electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation. It is worth looking over.

Be sure to study the 2 kinds of anaerobic respiration (fermentation).

Be sure you know that Phosphofructokinase is the enzyme that regulates glycolysis and therefore the whole process of cellular respiration. Study figure 9.20 on page 165 in the book. Know that it is an allosteric enzyme.

The chemical that binds to an enzyme is called a substrate. The binding of the substrate, to the active site of the enzyme, catalyzes the reaction (i.e. speeds up the reaction). During the time the enzyme and substrate are bound together it is called an enzyme-substrate complex. The abbreviation for this is E-S Complex. You will see this on the test so please familiarize yourself with this terminology.

Go over all my PowerPoint Lectures- know them well- especially the one on enzymes since it has been a while since we have discussed this material.

Know all the four free responses. I will ask you one of them.

Study all the quiz hints and quizzes.

Look over the study sheet that summarizes all the information.

Good luck!