A Reminder: Why Do Cellular Respiration?

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The Story Thus Far…

Where the Action Is Occuring

A diagram of a mitochondrion, including the matrix where all the energy-rich molecules are located. Shows the progress of cellular respiration so far, across a mitochondrial matrix	.

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The Solution To Our ATP Needs: Electron Transport and Oxidative Phosphorylation

A view of the processes of electron transport and oxidative phosphorylation across the mitochondrial matrix.

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The Two-Step Process

1. Electron Transport

Shows the electron transport chain, from NADH and FADH_2 to O_2. A graphical representation of the use of energy from the electron transport chain to pump hydrogen ions outside the matrix.

Figure 9.13, page 158, and 9.15, page 160, Campbell's Biology, 5th Edition

2. ATP Synthesis

Shows how ATP synthase uses the motion of hydrogen ions across the matrix to convert ADP (plus an inorganic phosphate) into ATP.

Figure 9.14, page 159, Campbell's Biology, 5th Edition

Energy (ATP) Count

Pictoral Summary of Cellular Respiration

Shows the entire process of cell respiration, diagrammatically. Shows the entire process of cell respiration across a mitochondrion.

Figure 9.16, page 161, Campbell's Biology, 5th Edition; Unknown source