What is Phylogeny?

The Tracing of Phylogeny Leads to Phylogenetic Trees

A phylogenetic tree of bears and racoons, based on systematics. Note how the lesser panda is in the raccoon category.

Figure 25.11, page 479, Campbell's Biology, 5th Edition

What is Systematics?

What Allows Us To Trace Phylogeny?

The Ultimate Phylogeny

The ultimate phylogenetic tree, depicting some major branching points in the history of life.

Figure 26.3, page 493, Campbell's Biology, 5th Edition

Geological Time Scale: “Recent History”

Several geological time periods, approximately since humans appeared.

Table 25.1, page 467, Campbell's Biology, 5th Edition

The Cambrian “Explosion” and the Burgess Shale

A picture the Burgess Shale.

Unknown source

Two Important Influences on the Evolution of Life

Plate Tectonics

A depiction of the movement of Earth's continents, as explained by plate tectonics.

Figure 25.4, page 470, Campbell's Biology, 5th Edition

Asteroid/Comet Impacts

A depiction of the asteroid impact on the Yucatán Peninsula, 65 million years ago.

Figure 25.6, page 473, Campbell's Biology, 5th Edition