Hardy Weinberg Write-up Requirements

To get full credit you must consider the following:

1. Mr. Hammack’s Pet Peeves About Calculations
Do all your calculations on the yellow lab handout entitled, "Lab 8: Population Genetics and Evolution." For the allele frequency calculation use the format as shown on page 93 of the blue lab instructions (as a template). Show all the calculations very clearly.
Please follow these guidelines: Whenever there is a question that requires any kind of calculation you must show your calculations in a neat, easy to follow, systematic manner. If I cannot follow your work, and see clearly how you got your answer you will get no credit for the answer.
•First, always show the equation you are using.
•Next, plug numbers into the equation.
•Finally, show the answer and box it so I know what number is your final answer.
•NO fractions will be accepted as answers; all answers must be in decimal form. Any answers left in a fractional form will receive NO CREDIT!

Please note, these rules about calculations includes calculations for all the sections in the lab. If you are putting numbers into a table that are the result of a calculation, I must see neat, clean, and well organized calculations near the table in the format described above. If there is not enough room near the table then do your calculations on a separate piece of paper, and label them clearly so I know what they are (i.e. what part of the lab they refer too).

Finally, any question that requires a calculation of any kind, no matter how insignificant in your mind, must have all the work I have mentioned above.

Why am I being so meticulous about this? Because year after year, some, not all, of my AP Biology students, don’t seem to have learned how to do a thorough lab write-up, and I am hoping this year will be better!

2. Whenever there is a question, make sure you answer it with complete sentences that make sense and address and answer the question clearly.

3. Conclusion: Include a thorough paragraph or two on the last page that summarizes what you learned in the lab or what you were reminded of by doing the lab (if the lab is a review for you). Answers like, “this was a cool lab, thanks Mr. Hammack,” while nice, will not get you any credit. Please THINK about the lab, and what it is trying to teach you about evolution and the Hardy-Weinberg ideas, and come up with a thoughtful answer. Make sure you address all four cases, and what happens in each case.