Chapter 40-41 Free Response Question

1. For this question I want you to use four different pieces of paper - one for each group of macromolecules (it makes it easier for me to grade). Also, you must use your CDROM Activity 41.1 (Sections 1-5). I recommend referring to the book (pages 800-806) for completeness. Note in particular figure 41.13 and the text at the end of page 803 through page 804.

Discuss the digestion of a hamburger. Do this by discussing the digestion of the four groups of macromolecules: Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, and Nucleic Acids. Use one piece of paper for each group of macromolecule and label each paper for the kind of digestion (e.g. “Protein Digestion”, etc.). Draw a picture of the digestive tract on each piece of paper and show where digestion occurs at different locations in the digestive tract for the particular macromolecule. Also, show a diagrammatic representation of the molecules as is shown in the CD ROM and show how the molecules get broken down into smaller units at each different location. Include the names of the different macromolecules at their different stages of being broken down into simpler molecules. Be sure to include the names of all the enzymes involved in the digestion of each macromolecule, where they are produced (e.g. salivary glands, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, wall of the digestive tract), in which part of the digestive tract they act (e.g. mouth, stomach, duodenum, rest of the small intestine, large intestine), and what specific molecules they break down (i.e. identify the substrate and the product for each enzyme) (Note: Figure 41.13 is awesome in helping answer this question). Finally, describe where and how they are absorbed. In the very first illustration of the digestive process (protein digestion) be sure to discuss the function of the end of the system (the rectum and anus). Since the large intestine does not function in the absorption of any of these macromolecules include in your Carbohydrate answer what the function of the large intestine is.

By the way, this question will be broken down into two nights of homework so don’t freak out about the amount of work!
Day One: Protein and Carbohydrate Digestion
Day Two: Lipid and Nucleic Acid Digestion