Chapter 10 Free Response Questions

1. Write out the overall equation for photosynthesis. Describe the main purpose of photosynthesis. Describe the two different reactions that make up photosynthesis- describe what they do, what is required for each of them, and what they produce. Discuss what frequencies of light are absorbed in photosynthesis. Diagram the chloroplast- label and describe each part of it- discuss where chlorophyll is located. Mention what metal ion is at the heart of the chlorophyll molecule. Diagram and describe non-cyclic photophosphorylation. Be sure to include the two photosystems, discuss where light is involved, and where water and oxygen are involved. Describe in which molecules energy from the sun ends up. Describe cyclic electron flow and discuss how it differs from non-cyclic electron flow.

2. Describe the overall purpose of the dark reaction/Calvin Cycle (light independent reaction). Break it down into its three phases. Describe what happens at each phase. Include a diagram of some kind that shows the cycle and the name of the important molecules at each stage (as discussed in lecture). Be able to show where energy enters the system. Discuss what molecule is produced as a result of the Calvin Cycle. What is the significance of rubisco? What is its claim to fame? Do an energy accounting for the production of 1 molecule of glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate, and also an energy accounting for the production of 1 molecule of glucose. Describe where the Calvin Cycle occurs.