Instructional Units

Unit 1: Newton's 1st & 2nd Laws

Unit 2: Constant Motion

Unit 3: Non-Constant Motion

Unit 4: Projectile Motion

Unit 5: Circular Motion

Unit 6: Energy

Unit 7: Momentum

Unit 8: Universal Gravitation and Planetary Motion

Unit 9: Waves and Sound

Unit 10: Electricity

Unit 11: Magnetism

Unit 12: Optics

Unit 13: Final Project

Unit 9: Waves and Sound


Wave motion video (right to left with no reflection)

Wave reflection video

Constructive interference video (waves of similar heights)

Constructive interference video (waves of different heights)

Destructive interferenece video


Wave Interference Worksheet

Loud Music and Hearing Loss



Station 2: Interference

Station 3: Doppler Shift

Test Prep

Quiz Hints #1

Quiz Hints #2

Quiz Hints #3

Unit 9 Practice Test

Web Resources

Doppler Shift Demonstrator