Instructional Units

Unit 1: Newton's 1st & 2nd Laws

Unit 2: Constant Motion

Unit 3: Non-Constant Motion

Unit 4: Projectile Motion

Unit 5: Circular Motion

Unit 6: Energy

Unit 7: Heat

Unit 8: Momentum

Unit 9: Universal Gravitational and Planetary Motion

Unit 10: Waves and Sound

Unit 11: Electricity

Unit 12: Magnetism

Unit 13: Optics

Unit 14: Final Project

Unit 1: Newton's 1st & 2nd Laws


How To Draw Force Diagrams

How To Calculate the Slope of a Line

How To Create a Mathematical Model From a Straight Line Graph

Six Step Method For Solving Force Problems

Six Step Method Worksheet

Weight Change While Riding an Elevator (video)


Unit 1 WS 1

Unit 1: Making Mathematical Models

Unit 1: WS 2

Unit 1: WS 3

Unit 1: Review Sheet

Unit 1: Practice Exam


Newton's First Law Lab

Newton's First Law Lab Videos

Force vs. Mass Lab

Coefficient of Friction Lab

Test Prep

Web Resources

Three Incorrect Laws of Motion

The Ulitmate Table Cloth Pull (Mythbusters)

High Speed Video of a Table Cloth Pull (Mythbusters)

Very Little Force Needed to Move an Astronaut

Student Misconceptions with Forces

Student Misconceptions with Graphs

National Geographic: The Science of Stupid (great videos!)