Instructional Units

Unit 1: Newton's 1st & 2nd Laws

Unit 2: Constant Motion

Unit 3: Non-Constant Motion

Unit 4: Projectile Motion

Unit 5: Circular Motion

Unit 6: Energy

Unit 7: Heat

Unit 8: Momentum

Unit 9: Universal Gravitational and Planetary Motion

Unit 10: Waves and Sound

Unit 11: Electricity

Unit 12: Magnetism

Unit 13: Optics

Unit 14: Final Project

Unit 3: Non-Constant Motion


Repeating Galileo's Famous Experiment in Pisa, Italy

Newton's Second Law: Why Do All Objects With the Same Acceleration?

Acceleration Due to Gravity at ATT Park

Feather and Hammer Drop on the Moon


Kinematics Curves WS

Ramp 'n Roll Activity

Ramp 'n Roll Activity Website

Unit 3 WS 1

Unit 3 WS 2

Unit 3 WS 3

What Happens When You Drop Two Objects of Unequal Mass?

Labs and Activities

How To Use Logger Pro

Wheel Lab

Free Fall and Terminal Velocity Activity

YouTube Physics

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4

Test Prep

Unit 3 Review Sheet

Unit 3 Practice Test

Web Resources

Mythbusters Penny Drop

Acceleration Visualized 1

Acceleration Visualized 2

Student Misconceptions with Acceleration