Instructional Units

Unit 1: Newton's 1st & 2nd Laws

Unit 2: Constant Motion

Unit 3: Non-Constant Motion

Unit 4: Projectile Motion

Unit 5: Circular Motion

Unit 6: Energy

Unit 7: Momentum

Unit 8: Universal Gravitation and Planetary Motion

Unit 9: Waves and Sound

Unit 10: Electricity and Magnetism

Unit 11:

Unit 12:

Unit 13:

Unit 14: Final Project

Unit 10: Electricity and Magnetism


Series and Parallel Lecture Information (use this website if you want more information)

Electrical Power
Formula P=(I)(V)

Series and Parallel Worksheet


Unit 10 WS 1

Unit 10 WS 2

Unit 10 WS 3

Electric Field Quiz

Electric Circuits Model: Review Sheet

Cosmos: The Electric Boy (Episode 9)


Sticky Tape Lab

Electrophorus Lab

Van de Graaff Activity

Coulomb's Law Lab

Electric Field Class Activity

Electric Field Exploration Activity

Electric Field Exploration (PhET website) website

Circuit Inquiry Lab

Ohm's Law Lab Set Up and Helpful Hints

Series and Parallel Circuit Lab PhET Website

Test Prep


Web Resources

Balloons and Static Electricity Simulation- Example of Charge Polarization

John Travoltage

How To Realign Magnetic Domains So They All Point In The Same Direction In Order To Create A Magnet From An Iron Bar (McGyver Episode, ~5 minutes)

Ben Franklin and Electrostatics Videos

Static Electricity Resources (Period 7 2013-14)