Instructional Units

Unit 1: Newton's 1st & 2nd Laws

Unit 2: Constant Motion

Unit 3: Non-Constant Motion

Unit 4: Projectile Motion

Unit 5: Circular Motion

Unit 6: Energy

Unit 7: Heat

Unit 8: Momentum

Unit 9: Universal Gravitational and Planetary Motion

Unit 10: Waves and Sound

Unit 11: Electricity

Unit 12: Magnetism

Unit 13: Optics

Unit 14: Final Project

Unit 7: Newton's 3rd Law


Newton's Third Law Lecture

Impulse-Momentum Lecture from Hewitt

Ryan Breaks a Board in Slow Motion Video

Conservation of Momentum on the Dordogne River


Hewitt WS 5-1

Horse and Cart Problem

Hewitt WS 7-1

Impulse Force Model Worksheet 1

Impulse Force Model Worksheet 2

How to Solve Collision Problems WS

Impulse Force Model Worksheet 3

Unit 7 Review Sheet

Unit 7 WS 3 and Mythbusters "Blown Away" Worksheet

Mythbusters video: Blown Away (5 minutes)


Inelastic Collision Demo Activity

Test Prep

Web Resources

The Physics of Car Crashes

Highway Safety