Quiz #1 Hints


1. Know that a wave is very different from anything we have studied so far in physics. A wave is a way to transfer energy from one place to another without having to move matter very far. The particles in a wave just oscillate back and forth around an equilibrium position, however, the energy of the wave moves a long distance. Very cool!


2.Know the parts of a wave. Be able to draw and label them.






3. Be able to define/describe a transverse wave. Give an example.


4. Be able to define/describe a longitudinal wave. Give an example.


5. Be able to define period, know the symbol (T), and know the units (seconds/cycle).

6. Be able to define frequency, know the symbol (f), and know the units (cycles/second).

7. Be able to calculate Frequency if given the period.

Be able to calculate period if given the frequency.

T= 1/f    therefore  f=1/T

8. Be able to use the wave velocity equation to do calculations. V = (frequency) (wavelength)

9. Know the speed limit of the universe- the speed of light (or the speed of electromagnetic waves): 3 x 10 8 m/s

10. Know that AM radio is measured in kHz and FM radio is measured in mHz. Be able to calculate wavelength if given frequency of an AM or FM radio station.

11. Be able to define principle of superposition, interference, constructive interference, and destructive interference.


12. Be able to do a problem like the Wave Interference worksheet.