Physics Resources for the Static Electricity Unit (2013-14)

This is a great review of the ideas we have discussed about static electricity. It goes over Coulomb's law and takes it to the next level with photons.
James O'Toole and Ryan Hughes

This website contains links to laws of electricity and magnetism. For instance, the Coulomb's law tab gives the equation for finding electric force, and explains that like charges repel and unlike charges attract. It also explains why Coulomb's law uses an inverse square equation. The Electric FIeld tab provides and understanding of how electric field interact with each other.
Alex Aaldering and Lorenzo Lanza

This video gives an overview of Coulombs law (and few other concepts) in an engaging manner, giving visual demonstrations and examples. The host is goofy and makes the subject interesting, pulling in examples and humor and clearly explaining concepts in a way that avoids confusion.
Hannah Heumann and Brigitte Li

This video covers the basics of static electricity. It discusses how the movement of electrons charge objects and how protons can not move. It explains the concept of grounding and how it is one of the ways to discharge objects. It discusses lighting and how grounding can help you survive in a situation where lightning is present. As well as this, it provides picture examples of how you can charge an object and how static electricity works in the world around us.
Carrie Blaker and Kenneth Burfeindt

This is an interactive video that explains static electricity in detail.
Kristina Bjegovic, Shirin Ahmadieh, Corinne Green

This gives a good visual of the electric fields including different charges and strength, allowing you to see the forces acting on it. This website has a short, simplified summary on all of the major ideas surrounding electrical fields. It shows a diagram of radial field and a uniform field, with positive and negative charges diagrammed too. It also represents the fields in between the plates in the uniform field.
Melissa Searle and Elizabeth von Klan

Kahn academy is a well respected learning tutorial for multiple areas of schooling. This example is for electrostatics. The speaker is very clear with how he explains some admittedly difficult areas of physics. The pictures he uses while explaining makes that much easier to understand because then you can visualize it. Also, there is a comments and questions section where any question you might have following the video is probably answered already, and if not you can always submit a question yourself. It should be noted that it is continued in a second video which can be located here.
Felicity Rich-Michael and Maddie Pearce