The Beginnings

A photograph of Creutzfeldt. Shows brain tissue when affected by Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease.

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The Disease Is Named

A photograph of Jakob.

From the Institut für Neuropathologie at the University of Hamburg

Kuru and the Fore People of Papua New Guinea

Shows the location of Papua New Guinea in relation to Australia and the rest of the world.

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Carl Gajdusek Makes a Series of Important Observations

Shows Gajdusek with the Fore people.

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Gajdusek's Nobel-Prize–Winning Discovery

Is TSE Caused By A Virus?

Stanley Prusiner's Breakthrough

A photograph of Prusiner.

From the 1997 Nobel Prize page

How Might a Protein Infect?

Shows how prion proteins can become malformed.

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Current Status of TSE Diseases in Humans

Mad Cow Disease and Humans

A mad cow.

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