Chapter 16 Quiz #2 Hints

1. Know the terminology from free response #5.
•What are the three things that make up a nucleotide?
•Be able to identify a deoxyribose sugar. How many carbons does it have? How are the carbons numbered?
•What is attached to carbon 5'?
•What are the two purines? How many rings do they have?
•What are the two pyrimidines? How many rings do they have?
•What is the fun mneumonic device that helps you remember the purines, pyrimidines and distinguish which have one and two rings?
•What is meant by the idea that the DNA strands run anti-parallel? Be able to explain this.
•Which nitrogenous bases hydrogen bond with each other? Who was the first one to do research and notice this idea even though he didn't fully understand what was going on?

2. Be able to recognized and define the following from free response #6:
•What do helicases do?
•What do single-stranded binding protein do?
•What is the function of primase? Why is this unexpected and rather strange?
•What is the function of DNA polymerase?
•Which side of the DNA nucleotide is the new nucleotide added (3' end, or 5 ' end)? What is meant by 3' end and 5' end?
•What is the big difference between the leading strand and the lagging strand?
•What are Okazaki fragments?
•What does DNA ligase do?