Food Chain
Music: Cat Stevens Lyrics: Biret Adden

Now I've been hungry lately
Thinkin' about the good food to come
And I believe it began
With rays from the sun.

Oh I've been eating veggies
Those leafy green autotrophs
They've got the most energy
They have what we do not.

Because when not in darkness
They use their thylakoid grains
To make heaps of glucose
And start the food chain.

The food chain is a cycle
Through which all energy flows
Starts with primary producers
Ends with detritivores.

Everyone's addin' to the food chain
All the trophic levels
Make up the food chain.

Tummy's growlin' louder
Animals looking for that 10% gain
Oh I ate it all up, I played the food game.

So put your teeth together
Carnivores and herbivores too
Because if you want to grow bigger
You've got to have some food.

It's how you know you're living
You grab the food and then chew
But even decaying dead matter
Through the chain gets back to you.

Tummy's growling louder
Eat on the food chain
Green grass to salamanders
All on the food chain, oh food chain.

Now I've been crying lately
Thinkin' about the world as it is
Why must we go on overeating
And wasting resources.

There's only so much to offer
Limiting the food chain
Eat lower on the pyramid
There's greater energy gain.

Addin' on the food chain
Busy chloroplasts
Make starch that's stored in grain

The food chain's growing older
Animals need that 10% gain

Eat on eat on eat on!

Eat on the food chain
Yes it's the food chain...