Brain Assignment

Part 1

Read the first seven slides of the Brain Tour at the following website. The seven slide website exercise is a quick overview/introduction to the brain:

Be sure to move your mouse over the words in bold type because it causes the brain to light up to show you how the word correlates with the image of the brain; it is very cool, and very instructive.

Become familiar with the location and function of:



Brain Stem


Become familiar with where the following functions are controlled:

Touch sensations




Thoughts, Problem solving, Higher order thinking

Memory Storage

Voluntary Movement


Become familiar with what side of the brain controls what side of the body.


Part 2

Now go to your textbook  (pages 979-989 )and make sure you can answer the following questions:

1. In the development of the embryonic human brain be please trace the development of the following parts:

a. Forebrain (what structures does it become in the adult?)

b. Midbrain (what structures does it become in the adult?)

c. Hindbrain (what structures does it become in the adult?)


2. What is the function of the brainstem?


3. What is the medulla oblongata and what does it control?


4. What is the pons and what does it control?


5. What is the function of the cerebellum?


6. What does the cerebrum do?


7. The surface of the cerebrum, the cerebral cortex is a very important part of the brain, perhaps the MOST important part of the brain. What does it do?


8. What is the corpus callosum?


9. What is the limbic system, where is it located and what is its function?


10. Draw  a side view of the cerebrum. Label the four different lobes and explain what happens in each lobe.