AP Biology Gang after the Craig Venter Interview

Herbst Memorial Theater
San Francisco
February 13, 2012

World famous biologist Craig Venter was interviewed for the "City Arts and Lectures" series at the Herbst Memorial Theater. He talked about his role in sequencing the Human Genome Project and how he was able to race the government project to the finish line forcing them to complete it ahead of time and under budget. After the project was completed he sailed around the world collecting water samples every 200 miles identifying more new microganisms from the back of his boat using the same techniques that helped him sequence the human genome. Finally, he discussed the publication in 2010 in which he described the first creation of synthetic life. We all enjoyed his intelligence, humor, and ability to explain, in clear and simple terms, complicated biological concetps.
Pictured from left to right in the front row: Natalie Kimmey, Jessica Morehead, Chiara Harleman, Jenna Yonenaga, Samantha Ji, Ian Gallmeister, Mr. Hammack, Kara Samuels, Olivia Meehan, Josh Karpf, Karina Hanna, KK Rosenbaum, Neela Easwar, Isabelle Monahan, Madeline Smedt, Devon O'Regan, Morgan Gautho, Amanda Rabago.
Pictured from left to right, standing in the back row: Grant Foster, Monica Eng, Max Fredkin, Zahin Helal, Max Esslinger, Alyssa Steger, Brenßdan Nugent, Amy Levine, Amanda Altman, Andy Sun, Alicia Sillicorn, Kiarash Mavandad, Matt Stafford, Raumin Neuville, Jessica Levy, Henry Manning, Ari Rubin, Daniel Miller, Keltan Lawler, Megan Fee, Kenny Berkowitz, Audrey Humphries, Gabe Sheehan, Chloe Mason, Killian Jackson, Lilly Petroff, Evin Weiser, Andy Preising, Ben Krolak, Joe Patton, Matt Altamirano, Adam Gramling, Connor Brossart, Bryce Grijalva-Hylbert.